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Insert the following new Clause—
“Funding support for palliative care in England
(1) In making an allotment to the health service in England for each financial year specified in the table in subsection (3), the Secretary of State must allot an amount that is at least the amount specified in relation to that financial year for the purposes of enabling each NHS clinical services commissioner to support the funding of the provision of services set out in section 1(1).
(2) Such allotment must be additional to that funded by the NHS at local level for palliative care services which as a minimum must be maintained at 2019–20 levels with an uplift for inflation in each financial year until 31 March 2024.
(3) The table is as follows—

Financial Year


Ending with 31 March 2021


Ending with 31 March 2022


Ending with 31 March 2023


Ending with 31 March 2024


Decision: Not yet debated

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